Quit Tobacco Smoking

I Really Want To Stop Smoking

I have been smoking for about 15 years and I think that it is time that I made a serious effort to quit. My children are getting older and I want to be around for them without being sick. I have several family members that have succumbed to cancer and that is not a fate that I want to imagine for myself. I have tried to quit several times in the past, but that lasted a few days then I was back to smoking like that never happened. I am really ready now, so I plan on putting a lot more effort into it.

I have a new boyfriend and he is really behind me in my efforts to quit. He says that he does not usually date smokers since they smell like stale cigarettes and kissing them is equivalent to licking on an ashtray. I try to brush my teeth a lot and minimize my smoking while he is around, but I know that he can still smell it. I really want to take this relationship to another level, which means I am going to ask him to move in with me. This is another reason why I am adamant about quitting.